Author – Shruti Singh

Adultery has been one of the most negligent issues of this era. People don’t even think that adultery is even a crime, they classify it as a sin or moreover a reason for divorce. I want to know when someone’s husband is sleeping with another woman and his wife who is just a housewife has not stable economic inflow, will she be able to ask for a divorce. All she could do is just be a part of the unhappy marriage and even worse is the position when she cannot go to court in case the women who are involved with his husband is unmarried. Not only this, in India at every point of time we keep raising issues emphasizing the value of article 14 but what about then when the person is a woman and she is sleeping with a married man! Somebody very well said sometimes is not necessary that justice is provided but the law “it always wins”.
Why do the people of this country don’t understand this fact that every person has a mental state of mind whether it’s a woman or a man and when any of the people is not fulfilling the common ethics of marriage it will be mentally and financially harmful for the other person.
The supreme court recently decriminalized section 497 ” Adultery” as it can be a ground on divorce or a civil offence.
Also one more point I would like to highlight here is when a couple files for divorce against adultery then it becomes difficult for the couple if they have undergone sexual intercourse .
Suppose a couple enters in the martial relationship where they have sexual intercourse but after sometime either of them get involve in adultery, what will be the answer then ?
why people don’t understand that other developed countries are what we keep our idols in everything but when it comes to laws why not we get to learn from them?
why adultery is life imprisonment in other countries and not India?
Is this not a social issue?
Is this not an issue that needs to be raised?
even today when two people around the village fight they say ” I will see you in court”.
People in India believe in the supremacy of law and abide by it and thereby actions need to be taken upon this.

Shruti Singh currently studying at Amity Law School

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