• Mutual Divorce
    Author- Gurvinder Kaur Bagga “Spouses don’t win or lose in divorce by proving the other guilty, it’s a couple of mutual loss.” DIVORCE is a legal process by which the knot of marriage between two persons seems to be untied forever. It rarely happens when you see a couple compromising again to live with one another … Read more
  • Child Abuse: Impacting The Innocent Minds
    Author- Vishal Patidar Introduction What does a child need? The answer to this question can easily be given by each of us with the help of our childhood experiences. First and foremost, a child needs a safe and stable home, free of abuse, along with loving and protective parents. Children need a sense of routine … Read more
  • Right To Privacy in the Technology-Driven Era
    Author- Janvi Vishnani Introduction Technology is regarded as a catalyst in the progress of India since its inception. Technology has been accepted and adopted into our everyday lives. A dramatic acceleration in technological innovation and progress can easily be seen in the twenty-first century. With the advancement of the internet and its expansion of we … Read more
  • Live-in Relationships — Legal or Illegal in India?
    By:- Tanvi Chopra Introduction An arrangement where two unmarried people live together as a couple, such an arrangement or relationship shared between them is generally termed as a live-in relationship. The people are usually involved in a romantic or sexually intimate relationship for a long time or on a permanent basis. This concept of live-in … Read more
  • A Study of Marital Rape In India
    Author- Janvi Vishnani Introduction The rate at which crime rates are rising in India is disturbing and shameful for a multi-cultural, massive, and secular country like India. Marital rape the most critical issue but still unaddressed by modern legislation. Marital rape or spousal rape refers to sexual activity perform against the wife by her husband … Read more
  • Property Rights of Hindu Women
    By:- Tanvi Chopra DISSOLVING GENDER DIFFERENCES — GRANTING EQUAL RIGHTS TO DAUGHTERS AND SONS IN THE ANCESTRAL PROPERTY For the longest time, India has been a country where women were considered as baggage on the shoulders of their parents and were married and sent away before they even attained the age of adulthood. In our … Read more
    Author- Anshika Sharma The recent arms amendment bill, 2019 was introduced in the Lok Sabha by Amit Shah, the minister of Home Affairs. This amendment bill seeks to decrease the number of firearms which can be owned per person and has also increased penalties for certain offences. It has also introduced new categories of offences. … Read more
  • SECTION 376, IPC
    CASE ON THE “MAHMOOD FAROOQUIVS. THE STATE (GNCT OF DELHI) CASE” Author- Anshika Sharma FACTS OF THE CASE The case involved the charge of the offence of rape i.e. Section 376 of the IPC. The accused was charged with the offence of committing forceful oral sex upon the prosecutrix in his apartment on the 28th … Read more
  • Critical Analysis of the Consumer Protection Laws In India
    Author- Tanvi Chopra Introduction Humans tend to avail themselves of the services to fulfill their needs and requirements. The day-to-day lives of humans revolve around availing and using the goods and services that are available in the market. When we use these services or goods, we are called ‘consumers.’ Consumers are the people who buy … Read more
  • Supreme Court: An Employer has the Authority to Withhold Gratuity during Pendency of the Disciplinary Proceedings
    Author- Anshika Sharma FACTS OF THE CASE: The employee who is the respondent of the case was posted as the Chief General Manager at Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd who is the appellant of the case. While the employee was in service he was served with a charge sheet for alleges misconduct and dishonesty, which caused coal-stock … Read more
  • An Analysis of Cybercrime & Relevant Laws in India
    Author- Tanvi Chopra Introduction The term cybercrime is not defined in any statute but in general terms, it means any criminal activity which involves a computer and a network. The involved computer can cause the criminal activity or it can be targeted as a result of any criminal activity. This is a very risky concept … Read more
  • “Undoing the Justice? Section 375 of the IPC & the manifestation of glaring inadequacies”
    Author- Gurvinder Kaur Bagga INTRODUCTION Rape is sexual intercourse that is carried out by an offender against the sufferer without that person’s consent. Rape is a criminal offence which is defined in Section 375 of the IPC. It is one of the most terrible crimes that happen in society at a large. It destroys the … Read more
  • Dowry: The Sociocultural Face of Exploitation in the Twenty-First Century
    Author- Janvi Vishnani Introduction Due to the patriarchal setup women are considered as a weaker section. For ages, women have suffered a lot of oppression at every walk of life, even in the modern time the condition of women is the same. They face discrimination from birth to the last breathe they take. Even in … Read more
  • Private Property as a Human Right
    Author – Pratima Pal Evolution of Property Rights The word “property” generally means a thing owned. Every object whether tangible or intangible having some value attached to it in the eyes of law and human beings, maybe termed as Property.  The expression property in Article 300A is confined not solely to land alone. It includes … Read more
  • Freedom of Speech & Expression
    Author- Ganesh Arora Meaning & Scope Speech is God’s gift to mankind. Through speech, a human being communicates his thoughts and feeling to others. Freedom of speech and expression is thus a natural right, which a human acquires at birth. It is one of the most desired fundamental rights in the world. It is comprehended … Read more
  • SEDITION: A draconian colonial relic, state subterfuge to annihilate dissent
    Author – Chandrika Singh What sin does a colonial legacy which, in its reason, believes that people are bound to feel affection for the state, and should not show any enmity, contempt, hatred, or hostility towards the government established by law, have in a modern democratic state like India? This question lies at the heart … Read more
  • Unemployment: A Menace both at the Global & National Level
    Author – Rishika Singh Unemployment is not just a word but with it comes a plethora of emotions, psychological trauma, and questioning of one’s abilities which looms over, to question the existence of an individual and the condition of a nation on a true whole. Consequently, it is not about abilities or conditions which are … Read more
    Author – Shruti Singh What are exactly UP Love Jihad Laws in reference to freedom of choice vs right to choose? UP love jihad laws were proposed in Yogi Adityanath’s agenda before he became the Chief Minister of the state. Let’s have a look at what exactly the jihad laws have to say – The … Read more
  • Gender sensitization
    Author- Pratima Pal Gender sensitization refers to the modification of behavior by raising awareness of   gender equality issues. Gender sensitization theories claim that modification of the behavior of teachers and parents towards kids will have an informal result on gender equality. Gender sensitization is regarding dynamical behavior and ingraining sympathy into the views that we … Read more
  • Medical Malpractice
    Author- Amal Singh Patel A patient moving toward a medical specialist expects clinical therapy with all the information and expertise that the specialist has to carry help to his clinical issue. The relationship takes the state of an agreement holding the fundamental components of misdeed. A Medical specialist owes certain obligations to his patient and … Read more
  • Medical Negligence
    Author – Ganesh Arora Medical Negligence is the misdeed by a medical practitioner or doctor by not giving sufficient care resulting in the breach of their duties and harming the patients who are their consumers. The four Ds of medical malpractice is the duty, dereliction, damages, and direct cause. Each of them must be proved … Read more
  • Atrocities on Women, Empowerment & Their Legal Status in India
    Author- Rishika Singh In the land of nation which is referred as “Bharat Mata”, where female deity, goddess Durga is worshipped, is ironically the biggest contributor to the violence against women i.e., 1 in every 3 women has experienced violence in one form or other: physical, sexual, mental and economic torture. Violence against women in … Read more
  • Interface between International Humanitarian & Refugee law
    Author- Pranshu Singh, Co-author- Neelabh Shanker . Interface between international humanitarian law and Refugee law  The relationship between international humanitarian law and refugee law is also a two-way cross fertilization. Armed conflict and international humanitarian law are of relevance to refugee law and refugee protection in a number of ways. First, to determine who is … Read more
  • The Chances of Indian Courts Recognising Same-sex Marriages
    Author :- Janhvi Tiwari With one foot already in the door, the chances of the courts in India recognising same-sex marriage at par with the heterosexual marriage looks optimistic. Unlike Article 16 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to marry is not expressly recognised as either as a fundamental or constitutional right under … Read more
  • Death Penalty
    Author :- Pratima Pal The affliction the night of 16 December 2012 created stunned the whole nation. A woman was mercilessly gang raped by six men including the bus driver, a minor and four other men in a private bus. The woman along with his friend was thrown out of the bus and was severely … Read more
  • Child Rights
    Author – Ganesh Arora The ‘Child Rights’ is a constitutional and crucial term that our society requires the most. Child rights are a subset of human rights with special attention to the rights of protection and care afforded to minors. The UN and the Government of India have specified the rights and policies for children.  These are some … Read more
  • Euthanasia or Mercy Killing
    Author – Shruti Singh Euthanasia is one of the most delegate areas of law.Delegate as in many prospects – many people don’t even know mercy killing or Euthanasia even exists in real life. We have seen these practices a million times in movies or series but did we even spare a minute to know about … Read more
  • Cyber Bullying
    Author – Pranjal Rai Innovations in Technology has led to a new form of bullying in the 21st century called cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is using the web or a telephone to harass a victim with pictures and text. There are reports within the media of youth being harassed by e-mail, postings on websites, instant messages, and … Read more
  • Adultery
    Author – Shruti Singh Adultery has been one of the most negligent issues of this era. People don’t even think that adultery is even a crime, they classify it as a sin or moreover a reason for divorce. I want to know when someone’s husband is sleeping with another woman and his wife who is … Read more